Have you ever come across the word “Tetelestai” in the Bible? You’re not alone if you haven’t because it’s not a commonly used word. But what does Tetelestai mean? And where can it be found in the Bible?

The phrase “It is finished” is a translation of the Greek word “tetelestai,” which was the last word Jesus uttered before dying on the cross. This word appears in John 19:28-30 and is packed with powerful meaning. The verb teleo is the root word of “tetelestai,” which means “to bring to an end, to complete, or to accomplish.” This pertains to the atoning death of Jesus to save the world’s sins. 

Why is Tetelestai such an important word?

Tetelestai is essential because it denotes the accomplishment of a specific course of action. When Jesus uttered this last word before dying on the cross, He signified that His work and mission of salvation were successfully completed. This denotes His ultimate act of love and mercy to people.

What does Tetelestai mean for believers?

Christ’s ultimate goal, or telos, was to mend the gap between God and humanity. By saying, “It is finished,” Christ meant that the world’s wholeness had been restored, and the breach had been repaired. Since Jesus was divine, He accomplished feats that were impossible for humans to accomplish. Nobody else could carry out the task of bringing God and humanity into unity. By bringing them together, Christ closed the gap between humanity and divinity. 

How can Tetelestai change your life?

Tetelestai can change your life by bringing you hope. Christ’s atonement bridges the gulf that sin creates between God and humans. Because of His great love for us, He was willing to sacrifice His life to atone for our sins. This infinite act of love gives us hope for forgiveness, eternal life, and a better future.

When we repent and turn to Christ, we can receive peace and joy from knowing we are forgiven. We also become eligible to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, who helps us obey God’s commandments and make good choices. As we follow Him and treat others with love, our lives will be filled with blessings.

What are some ways that believers can apply the teaching of Tetelestai in their lives?

The scriptures teach us that “Tetelestai” is an essential doctrine for believers to apply in their lives. But how can we practically apply this teaching? Initially, we must place our faith in Jesus Christ. Through faith, we repent our sins and are baptized. We then receive the Holy Ghost and begin to obey His commandments.

As we become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, we are forgiven and cleansed from sin. This forgiveness prepares us to return and live forever with our Heavenly Father. The knowledge that we have been freed from our sins and are headed in the right direction for our heavenly home can also comfort us. 

How can we be assured that our sins are forgiven through Tetelestai?

God’s atonement is the only way for our sins to be forgiven. His perfect love and sacrifice bridge the gulf that sin creates between God and humans. When we repent and turn to Christ, we can receive peace and joy from knowing we are forgiven. We also become eligible to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost, who helps us obey God’s commandments and make good choices. As we follow Him, our lives will be filled with blessings. His great love for each of us assures us that our sins will be forgiven through Tetelestai.

What are some of the promises that are associated with Tetelestai?

The atonement is essential to God’s plan of salvation. It helps us overcome the fall’s repercussions and return to living with our Heavenly Father. Also, it is crucial in providing us with immortality and eternal life, as it will allow us to be resurrected and given perfect glorified bodies. We will also be forgiven of our sins and allowed to live with God forever. To receive these blessings, however, we must have faith in Jesus Christ, repent our sins, be baptized, and obey His commandments. 

Who is eligible to receive the benefits of Tetelestai?

All people are eligible to receive the benefits of what Christ accomplished on the cross, regardless of gender, social status, or race. However, to benefit from His sacrifice, we must believe in Jesus Christ, turn away from our sins, and obey Him wholeheartedly. When we do these things, we show that we are serious about following Christ and are willing to change our lives to align with His will. 

How does Tetelestai impact Christian theology?

The doctrine of Tetelestai teaches us that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save us from our sins. This event is known as the atonement, which allows people to be forgiven and return to living in God’s Kingdom and live an eternal life. This doctrine is significant because it teaches us about Jesus’s great love for us. 


The doctrine of the atonement tells us that to merit God’s blessings, one must not only have faith in Jesus Christ but also obey His commandments to lead a moral life. It also explains that repentance and baptism are necessary to obtain God’s forgiveness for our sins. Thus, if you want to reap the rewards of Christ’s sacrifice for humanity, you must trust in Him and live your life in accordance with His teachings. 


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