One may come across the name “Sarai” when reading the Bible. But how is this name pronounced? How do you say it correctly? In the Bible, Sarai is pronounced as “su,” as in summer, and “rye,” just like the sound of “eye.” So, you say it as “Su-rye.”

Sarai was Abraham’s wife and Isaac’s mother. She was also the sister of Lot. Sarai was described as a barren woman, and she unsuccessfully tried to have children with Abram, even when giving him a maidservant as a concubine.

However, eventually, God blessed Sarai by giving birth to Isaac at the age of 90. Later, when Abram was renamed Abraham in the Bible, Sarai was also given a new name as Sarah. In Genesis, Sarah is praised for her faithfulness and willingness to follow God’s plan for her life, even though it seems impossible to bear a child at her old age. Today, Sarah is an example of obedience and faithfulness for all Christians.

Why Are Obedience and Faithfulness Important for Christians?

Christians believe that God created humans to have fellowship with Him.  Faithfulness and obedience are hallmarks of a Christian, as they attest to one’s devotion and conviction in God’s grace and prowess. So, even if it may be hard for Christians to see where their lives are headed, through their trust and faith in Him, all their needs and worries will be quenched eventually.

As Christians, faithfulness allows us to show that we are committed to growing our relationship with God. It also enables us to encourage others in their faith.  As we grow closer to God, He blesses us with His Spirit, giving us the power to obey Him and live according to His will readily.

Finally, our obedience and faithfulness will glorify God because they reflect His character. Doing so serves as a testimony of God’s greatness to other people, allowing them to be influenced to live meaningful lives.

How Can We Be More Faithful to God Like Sarai?

The Bible tells the story of Sarai, a woman who was incredibly faithful to God. Even though she was childless, Sarai never wavered in her belief that God would fulfill His promise to her. She remained devoted to Him throughout her life, and as a result, God blessed her with a son in her old age.

Sarai’s story inspires us all, reminding us that faithfulness is one of the most important qualities we can possess. We can be more faithful to God by spending time in prayer, reading His Word, and obeying His commands.

When we do these things, we show that we trust Him and that we know that His plans for us will always lead to better outcomes. Although these outcomes might not always be what we want them to be, we will have the guarantee that it will be for our best. Like Sarai, it will be easier to receive His blessing when we remain faithful to Him.

How Can We Be More Obedient to God?

One of the essential things we can do in our relationship with God is to be obedient to His commands. Unfortunately, obedience is not always easy, as we live in a world full of distractions and temptations. It can be challenging to remain focused on what God wants us to do. However, we can do a few things to help make obedience easier.

First, we must commit daily to spending time with God. Reading His Word and talking to Him through prayer will help us to keep our minds focused on His will for our lives. After all, this helps deepen our understanding of how God works in our lives even when we cannot understand His ways.

Second, we need to surround ourselves with people who will encourage us to obey God. Find a group of like-minded believers who will hold you accountable and provide support when you feel tempted to stray from the path of obedience. In turn, we can also inspire others to be more obedient to God.

Finally, we need to be willing to give up anything that stands in the way of our obedience. If we know something in our lives is not pleasing to God, we need to be willing to let it go, no matter how hard it may be. For example, if we live a passionate life, we must repent and then strive to live according to God’s commands.

When we are obedient to God, He blesses us in ways we could never imagine. So, let us all strive to be more respectful to Him today. Even though it might not be a straightforward process, guidance will always be given to us if we ask for it and set our minds to our goals.

What Is the Reward We Can Expect From Being Obedient and Faithful to God?

Obeying God and being faithful to Him is not always easy, but it is always worth it. The rewards we receive from doing so may vary, but they all have one thing in common: they bring us closer to God. Here are a few of the rewards we can expect when we are obedient and faithful to God:

  • A deeper relationship with God: When we are obedient to God, we show Him that we trust Him and want to be close to Him. This opens the door for a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him, allowing us to live more peacefully.
  • Spiritual growth: As we walk in obedience to God, we experience His presence more deeply and begin to grow spiritually. We learn His ways and become more like Him. This leads to spiritual growth, an essential aspect of our lives because it can help bring us closer to God.
  • Protection from danger: Obedience to God protects us from spiritual danger. When we follow His commands, we stay on the path of righteousness and away from temptations that can lead us astray. After all, we know that God is directing our ways for good.
  • Provision for our needs: When we obey God, He promises to provide for all our needs according to His riches in glory (Philippians 4:19). And we can trust that He will never leave or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5). So, if you have been struggling to obey God, strive harder so that you may start living a blessed life. 

Bottom Line

 Lord can lead to great blessings, even if we don’t always understand His plan. If you’re ever in doubt about how things are going in your life, remember that the Lord has a perfect plan for you, and He will neveSarai’s story is an excellent example of how being faithful and obedient to ther leave you alone. Just be obedient to God, as you will eventually see His plans for your life unfold. 


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