The Bible, in its astounding complexity, is replete with stories of ordinary individuals doing remarkable acts in the face of extraordinary circumstances. Such is the story of Jochebed, a woman of undaunted courage and profound faith. Protestant tradition rightly gives her the title “mother of faith”. Despite her brief appearance in Exodus 2, Jochebed’s actions have had far-reaching implications, setting the stage for God’s deliverance of His people from Egyptian bondage.

Jochebed: Background and Importance

Jochebed, as we learn from Exodus 6:20, was of the tribe of Levi, wife of Amram, and mother to Aaron, Moses, and Miriam. Her name, when loosely translated, means “Yahweh is glory.” Her story showcases that one’s faith in God can weather the stormiest circumstances, a message as relevant today for Christians as it was millennia ago.

Jochebed’s Limiting Circumstances

When Jochebed gave birth to Moses, the Hebrews were under severe oppression from the Egyptian Pharaoh who, threatened by their growing numbers, issued a cruel decree to kill all the newborn Hebrew boys. Jochebed, however, refused to submit her child to this fate, defying the Pharaoh’s edict.

Jochebed’s Act of Faith

Exodus 2 recounts how Jochebed, in an act of supreme bravery and faith, hid her baby for three months. When it became impossible to conceal him any longer, she placed Moses in a waterproof basket in the Nile. Her trust in God guided her actions. Remarkably, God orchestrated events such that Pharaoh’s daughter found the baby, and under circumstances that only divine providence could engineer, Jochebed was appointed to nurse her own son.

Lessons from Jochebed’s Life

Jochebed’s story amplifies the significance of unwavering faith. Her courageous act not only preserved Moses’ life, but it also enabled him to receive an education in Pharaoh’s court – an education that would later be pivotal in his leadership of the Hebrews out of Egypt.

Jochebed models that faith is not passive, but active. It does not eliminate risk, but navigates it. Her faith-inspired action under duress underlines Paul’s assertion in 2 Corinthians 5:7 that Christians should “walk by faith, not by sight.”

Jochebed: A Modern Relevance

Christian mothers today can draw inspiration from Jochebed. Her story teaches that godly parenthood involves deep faith and sacrificial love. Standing up against the cultural tides that run contrary to God’s word is Jochebed’s continuing legacy.

The Silent Strength of Jochebed

With no recorded words, Jochebed’s actions speak volumes. Her silent presence echoes through the annals of biblical and Christian history as a testament of a mother’s protective love and unyielding faith. Her nurturing shaped the life of one of the Bible’s greatest leaders, Moses, further painting a portrait of her influence.

Conclusion: Emulating Jochebed’s Faith and Courage

In closing, the story of Jochebed in the Bible encapsulates the essence of divine trust against all odds. Thrust into extraordinarily trying times, Jochebed’s unflinching faith and bold actions preserved future deliverer of Israel: Moses. Whether facing personal or societal hurdles, Christians today can reflect upon Jochebed’s faith and courage, drawing strength and inspiration for their own spiritual journey.


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