The ability to interpret dreams was the gift of God to Joseph, as revealed in the Book of Genesis. When Egypt struggled with a catastrophic famine, this gift propelled him to a position of power and influence. By correctly interpreting the Pharaoh’s dream, Joseph saved countless lives and earned a place of honor throughout Egyptian society.  

Who Was Joseph in the Old Testament?

Joseph was one of the twelve sons of Jacob and Rachel, who was later renamed Israel. His father, Jacob, showered him with greater love and affection than his brothers, which caused the latter to sell him into slavery. The troop of Ishmaelites who had purchased Joseph brought him to Egypt and turnover him to Potiphar—the captain of Pharaoh’s guard.  

Why Did Joseph’s Brothers Sell Him Into Slavery?

Jealousy was a strong motivating factor in why some of Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery. His brothers perceived their father’s apparent preference and treatment for him as  unjust and unequal for each one of them.  Even more, their resentment even escalated after Joseph had a vision in which everyone, even the stars and moon, bows down to him. Thus, it’s no wonder that their envy prevails to sell him ruthlessly.

Joseph Interpret Pharoah’s Dreams

While in prison, Joseph interpreted the dreams of two of his fellow inmates. When the Pharaoh had a dream that no one could interpret, Joseph was brought out of prison to interpret it. The dream warned of a coming famine, and Joseph advised the Pharaoh to store up plenty of food for seven years so that there would be enough supply to cope with the seven years of famine.

Bottom Line

Joseph’s gift in the Bible was that he was able to dream and interpret the dreams of others. This gift led him to save his family from famine and become a powerful leader in Egypt.

While Joseph’s gift may not seem as exciting as some of the other gifts mentioned in the Bible, it was still a very important one. Without Joseph’s ability to dream and interpret, his family would have starved to death during the famine.

Joseph’s story shows us that God often uses our gifts and talents to bless others and help them in their time of need. Because of this, we can rest assured that God will also always find a way to get us out of whatever situation we may find ourselves in. This alone should be enough to give us hope and courage in the midst of our trials.


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