In the Bible, we find a collection of books shaped by prophets, poets, scribes, and—Christians believe—by the divine hand of God. Among these canonized works are several that offer profound insights for couples aiming to deepen their relationship both spiritually and romantically. One such book is the Song of Solomon, also known as Song of Songs. The beautifully poetic verses in Song of Songs describe an intimate and passionate love—a love that might mirror or provide helpful insights into a couple’s own.

Why Read the Bible as a Couple?

Let’s start with the fundamental reasons why couples might turn to the Bible for inspiration and guidance. The Bible is more than a history of religious faith—it’s a guidebook for living a life that reflects the values and morals upheld by Christianity. For couples, reading the Bible together can help navigate personal growth and relationship evolution, enrich conversations about faith and commitment, and offer solace during challenging times.

The Song of Solomon: A Celebration of Love

One area of the Bible that addresses romantic relationships directly is the Song of Solomon, a book that Pope Benedict XVI once described as “an expression of human love.” This book celebrates the beauty of love—both physical and emotional—and provides us with a biblical ideal of a loving, committed relationship between two people.

The Song of Solomon portrays the depth of love and attraction between two people, showcasing a profound, intimate bond that transcends the physical. This portrayal delivers a key message to couples: Love transcends mere physicality or worldly benefits; it is an emotional and spiritual journey that couples embark upon together.

Couples in the Bible: Models of Love and Forgiveness

Other books of the Bible introduce us to several couples whose stories unfold lessons of love, humility, commitment, and forgiveness. For instance, couples might reflect upon the partnership between Ruth and Boaz, or the steadfastness of Hosea, who continued to love his wife in spite of her unfaithfulness.

For Christian couples, these stories offer powerful lessons in perseverance and forgiveness. They demonstrate that all relationships face trials, but love provides a beacon of hope even in the darkest of times.

Proverbs and Ephesians: Wisdom to Guide Relationships

For practical guidance and advice, couples might also turn to the wisdom literature of Proverbs and the teachings in Ephesians. Proverbs provides a vast collection of advice on personal and communal living, while Ephesians offers counsel on how to pattern one’s life in ways that reflect God’s will, including within married life.

Passages like Ephesians 5:22-33 speak directly to the spousal relationship, with recommendations for mutual respect and love. This book can serve as a significant resource for couples seeking to align their relationships with the principles of Christian love and forgiveness.

A Deeper Understanding of Love Through the Bible

Aside from these specific books and passages, the Bible as a whole can be a wellspring of insights, recommendations, and stories that can facilitate relationship discussions between couples. Each book, each story in the Bible, carries with it life-altering lessons that can be applied to everyday circumstances.

At its core, the Bible isn’t just a holy book—it’s a love letter from God to His people. By studying it together, couples can deepen their understanding of this divine love, and reflect it within their own relationships.


In conclusion, the Bible serves as a comprehensive guide for couples, offering both universal and specific lessons about love, commitment, and forgiveness. The Song of Solomon, books featuring biblical couples, Proverbs, and Ephesians stand out as beneficial texts for couples to explore together. Remember, the journey through the Bible is deeply personal. As a couple, moving through these books—understanding, interpreting, and applying them—invites a unique adventure that will surely strengthen your bond and deepen your faith as a unit.


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