Biblically, the number 15 signifies a period of rest.  This is because it denotes perfection and completion of God’s creation. Seeing this number frequently reminds us that we are to enter into His rest,  prepare for new beginnings,  and hope for deliverance and freedom.

 Similarly, doubling the number 15 yields the Angel number 1515, which represents faith, healing, kindness, and grace. These things are all a part of God’s divine nature. Whenever we encounter this number, it  urges us to have faith in Him and His promises. It is also a sign that we should be kind and gracious toward ourselves and others. 

What Does God Have To Say About Rest?

Since 15  is the biblical number for rest, we will explore what God has to say about it. In the Bible, just like the way God rested on the seventh day of His creation, He commanded us to do the same by taking a break from our labors through Sabbath (Exodus 20:8-10). 

The Sabbath is a day of holy rest that God instituted for our good.  He gave us this day not only to recharge our physical bodies but also to devote our time worshiping Him. It’s also a means to cast our worries or burdens on Him and dwell in His joy and peace. As Matthew 11:28 says, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

 So, if you’re struggling with anxiety, you can come to God and ask for His peace. Or, if you’re dealing with a difficult situation, you can ask God for wisdom and guidance.  This way, we can find the strength to keep going, even when things are tough, for He will bless us more than we ever imagined.

How Can We Enter Into God’s Rest?

Having faith in God is the most effective way to enter into God’s rest. We must believe He is who He says He is, and that He will do what He promises. This means we must trust in His might, character, and plan for our lives.  

Another way we can enter into God’s rest is by obeying His commands. When we obey His Word, we are putting our trust, love, and respect in Him.  This way, we will live in a way that pleases Him, which also brings us joy and peace. 

Finally, we  are seizing the opportunity to enter His rest by spending time with Him. We  can do it by  allocating time in prayer, worship, and Bible study. As we do this, we will eventually grow closer to God and learn more about His character, peace, and love for us. 

Why Does God Want Us To Have Rest, Too?

God loves us and wants us to rest because He knows it is good for us. It is a way for us to recharge and renew our bodies, minds, and souls. When we enter His rest, we also enter His presence. This is where we find true peace and joy.

In today’s world, rest has become even more important because of the constant stress and demands placed on us. We live in a fast-paced society that is always on the go. We are bombarded with constant noise and distractions. This can lead to feelings of anxiousness, frustration, and even depression.

But when we take time to rest, we are able to step away from the craziness of the world and spend time with God instead. This way, we can fill our lives with tranquility and bliss that only comes from Him. Plus, we are preventing burnout and setting ourselves up for a more productive and meaningful life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed in today’s fast-paced world, you can always take a step back and entrust everything to God. Sure, it might be hard to do at first, but it will be worth it in the end. God will always have our backs, even in the midst of a hectic day. So go ahead and take some time to rest, you deserve it!

In What Other Ways Can We Honor God Aside From Rest?

There are many other ways we can honor God aside from the holy rest. Here are a few of them: 

  • Obey the 10 Commandments
  • Read the Bible religiously
  • Share the gospel
  • Pray and meditate regularly
  • Give thanks for His blessings
  • Serve and be kind to others
  • Treat others with respect
  • Inspire others 

We, as Christians, may not be perfect, but if we sincerely want to honor God, we will make an effort to do all of those things.  We can make it possible one step at a time by fervently asking for His guidance and blessings.  Know that He will bless us abundantly afterward, such as a promise of eternal life.

Can God Help Us if We Are Feeling Too Overwhelmed By Our Thoughts?

God is good all the time. Whatever discomfort we feel, like being anxious or too overwhelmed by our thoughts, He is always there to help us. 

In today’s society, more people are dealing with anxiety and depression than ever. There are several reasons for this. One is that we  have been socially disconnected from  our peers as we transitioned to the digital age. Unarguably, we also often experience societal judgment and pressure– causing a breakdown in our time, energy, and confidence.

Another reason is that we have lost touch with our spirituality. For centuries, religion has been a major part of life for many people. It provided a sense of community and helped them make meaning in their lives. But in recent years, fewer people are attending religious services.   Even more saddening, people have chosen to live their lives without any religion at all. This allowed them to be overwhelmed by truth, lies, and doubts. 

If you are one of them who is feeling too overwhelmed by your thoughts, here are several things that you can do:

1.  Understand that your thoughts are just thoughts, not the reality. 

It is easy to get caught up in our thoughts and believe that they are true, but they are not. Just because you think something is real doesn’t mean that it is entirely true. If you are having negative thoughts, try to reframe them in a more positive light. For example, instead of thinking, “I’m such a failure,” try thinking, “I’m doing great and am learning throughout the process. Nothing can undermine my spirits.” 

2.  Take some time for yourself every day. 

This can be difficult, especially if you have a lot of demands on your time. But it is important to find at least a few minutes each day to do something that makes you chill, relax, and happy. This can include reading a book, taking a walk, doing sports, or baking some cakes, depending on your preference.

3.  Reach out to your community. 

If you are feeling alone and lost, there are probably others who feel the same way. So, don’t lose hope and instead try reaching out to your friends, family, or religious community. These people can provide support and guidance, and can offer you a sense of belongingness. 

4.  Seek professional help

If you are struggling to cope with your thoughts, it is important to seek out professional help, such as a therapist to help you understand your thoughts and develop coping mechanisms. Keep in mind that you always pair it with prayers and other spiritual interventions.

What Will Happen to Us if We Don’t Rest?

If we don’t rest, we will become burnt out and exhausted. We will be less productive and have a harder time focusing. We may also become sick more easily. God doesn’t want us to become like that. Instead, He wants us to have joy and peace in our lives. 

Additionally, when we don’t rest, we are harming ourselves and disobeying God. We are showing Him that we don’t trust Him to take care of us and provide for us. We are telling him that we don’t think He is good enough.

Sure, we can’t always leave it to God to provide for us. We have to work hard, too. However, we must learn to set a balance between work and rest. We must trust that God will take care of us even when we’re not working. We must learn to not abuse our bodies and minds by working them to the point of exhaustion.

Bottom Line

The number 15 gently reminds us that we should take time to rest and recharge after working hard. This could be the will of God in showing His love and compassion for His people. It is because rest  does not only allow our bodies to take a break, but more importantly, to connect and spend time with Him.  Hence, doing so will allow us to feel the completeness or wholeness of our body and soul. 


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