The Bible is rich with symbolism, with colors often playing a significant role in conveying the deeper meanings within the text. One such color that may surprise you is pink. Here, we delve into the question, ‘What does the color pink mean in the Bible?’ and examine its theological significance and relevance to Christians today.

The Absence of Pink in the Bible

Interestingly, the Bible does not explicitly mention the color pink. However, biblical scholars often derive the significance of pink from the combination of red and white, which are frequently mentioned in the Bible. The use of symbolism in Scripture invites us to explore the depth of meaning behind these elements, including colors, to better connect with its messages.

Derived meaning: Red and White

Red in the Bible symbolizes sin (Isaiah 1:18), sacrifice (Hebrews 9:22), and passion (Song of Solomon 4:3). Conversely, white represents purity (Revelation 19:8), righteousness (Matthew 17:2), and holiness (Daniel 7:9). By combining these two colors, we reach the color pink, which has come to embody a unique blend of the meanings ascribed to both red and white.

The Symbolism of Pink: Love, Grace, and Compassion

The color pink symbolizes love and compassion – the type of godly love described in the Bible. This love, known as ‘agape’ in ancient Greek, represents the unconditional love that God has for all humans. This same love is what Christians are called to express towards others, as they are called to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ (Mark 12:31).

Furthermore, pink is believed to signify God’s grace. It’s a color that reflects the mixture of God’s righteousness (white) and the blood sacrifice of Christ (red), which signifies God’s mercy and grace towards humanity (Ephesians 2:8-9).

Pink in Christian Culture and Traditions

While not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, pink has found a place in Christian culture and traditions. The third Sunday of Advent, ‘Gaudete Sunday,’ is often represented by a pink candle. The pink symbolizes joy and anticipation for the coming of Christ. This underlines the understanding of pink being a color of ‘hope’ in this context.

The Relevance of Pink to Christians Today

Even today, the color pink can serve as a reminder of the love and grace of God. It reminds Christians of their calling to love others and live righteously. This symbolic meaning can help inspire actions that embody these Christian principles in everyday life.


While pink is not explicitly mentioned in the Bible, its symbolism in Christian theology, drawn from the combination of red and white, carries profound significance. A symbol of God’s love and grace, it reminds us of the covenant of salvation, compassion, and love that God has extended to all of humanity. Understanding such color symbolism can enrich our engagement with the biblical text and strengthen our commitment to embodying Christ-like love in our daily lives.


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