Curiosity abounds in our hearts when it comes to interpreting the Bible, and today, we probe a rather unique topic: What does the Bible say about left-handed people? This topic, though somewhat obscure, offers us an intriguing glance into Biblical times and God’s inclusivity.

The Left-Handed in the Bible

Left-handed people are not omitted in the narrative of the Bible. In fact, they are distinctly mentioned in a few instances. Specifically, in the Book of Judges, we find accounts of left-handed individuals who were notable heroes in Israel’s history.

The tribe of Benjamin, which means “son of my right hand”, ironically, had left-handed warriors renowned for their skill in battle. The most famous of these was Ehud, a left-handed judge who delivered Israel from the oppressive rule of King Eglon of Moab (Judges 3:12-30).

Interpreting Scripture’s Perspective

It’s important to note that the Bible does not condemn left-handedness, contrary to some cultural perspectives of the time. The aforementioned examples stress that God uses diversity for His purpose and His glory. This breaks away from the perception that left-handedness was considered bad or unlucky. In reality, these left-handed warriors were potent assets to their people.

So going back to our question, What does the Bible actually say about left-handed people? The answer lies not so much in the “lefthandedness” itself but in the message that God is not limited by our limitations. He works in miraculous ways, using whatever means He deems fit, as seen even in these biblical examples of left-handed heroes.

Relevance to Christians Today

While modern society has a generally neutral perspective towards left-handed people, the Bible’s accounts remind us that God delights in diversity. Whether right-handed or left-handed, each of us plays a unique role in God’s plan.

The worldly standards of strength, skill or prowess do not limit God’s divine perspective. In God’s view, the left-handed warrior is just as capable as the right-handed. This offers a message of hope and assurance to Christians today that God’s plan is not hindered by our differences or perceived weaknesses.


In conclusion, the Bible does not cast negative judgment on left-handed people. Quite the contrary, it showcases situations where left-handed individuals played significant roles in God’s plan. This topic reflects God’s inclusivity and His ability to use our unique characteristics for His glory. As we walk through the Journey of faith, let’s remember that our differences do not limit us but rather have the potential to be channels of divine grace, just as they were for the left-handed heroes of Israel.


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