For centuries, people have been naming their newborns after biblical characters, in hopes that their children will embrace and live out the virtues and qualities of those characters. Something that people might not know, however, is that the name “Jessica”, while popular today, doesn’t directly originate from the Biblical text. A deeper exploration of its roots will provide us with interesting facts and stories.

Origin of the Name “Jessica”

The name “Jessica” was first introduced by William Shakespeare in his play, “The Merchant of Venice”. In this work, Jessica is the name of Shylock’s daughter. However, Shakespeare may have drawn this name from the Biblical name “Iscah”, which appears in the book of Genesis. This speculation arises due to phonetic similarities between the names Jessica and Iscah.

About Iscah

Iscah is mentioned only once in the Bible- in Genesis 11:29, as the sister of Milcah and the daughter of Haran. Iscah’s story is not elaborated upon in the Bible, and little is known about her life or personality. But her name, and its potential connection to Jessica, does open an interesting point of discussion.

The Meaning of Iscah and Jessica

In the original Hebrew, Iscah (Yiskā) means “foresight”, or to “look out or spy”. Iscah’s name often brings to mind the ideas of wisdom, foresight, and observance. Thus, drawing from the possible connection, the name Jessica may carry similar connotations of being watchful, insightful, or wise.

Biblical Relevance of the Name

Although Jessica isn’t strictly a biblical name, the values and wisdom it signifies are important biblical themes. The virtue of wisdom is highly valued and continually emphasized throughout the scriptures. Proverbs 1:7 declares how vital wisdom is, stating, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction.” The Bible advises believers to seek wisdom in their lives, be watchful and attentive to the teachings of God. This attribute, potentially associated with the name Jessica, reminds us to strive for wisdom and insight in our Christian walk.

Jessica and Modern Christians

What can this mean for Christians today, particularly those named Jessica? As Christians, we are called upon to be watchful and wise, especially in understanding God’s Word and His will for our lives. The name Jessica can serve as a reminder of this call.


In exploring the name Jessica’s connection to the Bible, we’ve seen that it likely owes its origins to Shakespeare’s creative genius and perhaps, indirectly to the understated Biblical character Iscah. Although Jessica doesn’t directly originate from the Bible, it’s potential meaning points to virtues that are central to the Christian faith – watchfulness, insight, and wisdom. These continue to remain relevant to not just those named Jessica but to all Christians in their spiritual journey. Just as Jessica may mean one who looks ahead, we too are reminded to ‘look ahead’ with wisdom as we follow the path carved by Jesus Christ.


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