Welcome my dear readers to another enlightening discourse where we connect ancient Scripture to modern life. Today, let us explore the phrase ‘do not be afraid’, an often quoted line from the Bible. If you have ever wondered, ‘How many times does the Bible say do not be afraid?’, you are not alone. Its frequency points towards its importance in understanding the biblical message of courage and faith in God’s promises.

The ‘Do Not Be Afraid’ Count

The exact count of the phrase ‘do not be afraid’ varies depending on the translation. In the NIV (New International Version), it occurs 70 times, with similar themes appearing in other sections, bringing forth a consistent message of comfort throughout the Bible.

Why Freedom From Fear?

The phrase ‘do not be afraid’ is more than just a spiritual pep talk. It calls us to trust in God, who serves as our ultimate source of strength and refuge (Psalm 46:1). This invitation is not for us to abandon genuine concern or caution but to refuse to be dominated by fear and thus be liberated from paralyzing anxiety.

Notable Instances of ‘Do Not Be Afraid’

Let’s look at some significant instances where ‘do not be afraid’ is used. In Genesis 15:1, God says to Abram, ‘Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your very great reward’. It signifies God’s promise of protection and blessing. Likewise, when angels appear to Mary (Luke 1:30) and the shepherds (Luke 2:10), announcing Jesus’s birth, they assure them with ‘Do not be afraid’. It emphasizes God’s peace in moments of great change.

The Relevance To Christians Today

The dialogue between biblical teachings and our contemporary experiences is crucial. Today, ‘do not be afraid’ calls us to place our anxieties, uncertainties, and fears in the hands of God. In moments of vulnerability and doubt, we are reminded of God’s endless capacity to love and protect us.

Moving Beyond Fear Through Faith

The phrase ‘do not be afraid’ is not a guarantee against hardship, tribulation or pain. Instead, it encourages us to approach these challenges with faith in God’s providence and benevolence, knowing that He journeys with us. The apostle Peter encourages us to cast our anxieties unto God, for He cares for us (1 Peter 5:7).


In conclusion, the biblical exhortation ‘do not be afraid’ appears frequently, indicating its core importance in the Scripture’s message. It advises us against being steeped in fear, reminding us of God’s steadfast presence and love. For Christians today, it affirms God’s care during our human fragilities, inspiring us to live courageously and faithfully. So, the next time you encounter the phrase ‘do not be afraid’ in the Bible, know that it’s an ever-relevant echo of divine assurance, a reminder of God’s promise of presence, power, and peace.


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