The term ‘fearfully’, as used in the Bible, is a fascinating concept that invites much contemplation. As this topic is often encountered by many Christians, it is vital to dig deep into its theological implications and its relevance to our daily lives. As we delve into this intriguing subject, we will discuss references in the Bible, interpret them in their historical context and then link these interpretations to how they can be applied constructively in the Christian life today.

Prelude: Understanding ‘Fearfully’

The term ‘fearfully’ is most prominently used in the verse Psalm 139:14: “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” In this context, ‘fearfully’ does not denote fear as in terror, but rather suggests respect, reverence, and awe.

A Biblical Perspective: Fearfully in the Psalms

From a theological standpoint, we can surmise that being ‘fearfully’ made is an acknowledgment of God’s omnipotence and creative prowess, wherein each human being is intricately designed, deserving profound respect and admiration. Thus, the term establishes a tone of reverential awe for God’s creation and His infinite wisdom.

The Historical Context: The Time of Psalms

The Psalms were composed during a period when Israel was grappling with monumental theological questions. The words of the Psalmist reflect a deep-seated respect for the Creator amid these struggles. In this historical context, ‘fearfully’ indicates an understanding of God as a powerful and awe-inspiring entity.

Linking Fearfully to Theology

‘Fearfully’ mirrors the biblical teaching that God’s creations, especially human beings, are not random or meaningless but are the outcome of divine wisdom and creative force. This concept inspires a sense of wonder about the human body, mind, and spirit, and leads us to revere God.

Fearfully: Implications for Christian Life

This perception of being ‘fearfully’ made has a salient impact on the Christian worldview. By recognizing the divine craftsmanship in ourselves and others, we can inspire respect and love for each other, promoting peace and unity within the Christian community and beyond.

Consequences of ‘Fearfully’: Valuing Divine Creation

Understanding ourselves as ‘fearfully’ and wonderfully made also stresses the sanctity of human life. From a Christian ethical perspective, it emphasizes the importance of treating all humans with kindness, understanding, and respect, as we are all masterpieces of God’s creation.

‘Fearfully’ in the Modern Christian Discourse

In contemporary Christian discourse, the idea of being ‘fearfully’ made encourages us to cherish the miraculous nature of human existence and to cultivate a sense of awe and respect for the divine. It motivates us to act justly and kindly towards others, reflecting the beauty of the Christian faith.

Conclusion: Reflecting on the Meaning of ‘Fearfully’

Conclusively, the term ‘fearfully’, when examined in biblical and theological context, reflects the profound respect and reverence towards God’s creations. It’s a term that adds depth to our understanding of the divine and enhances our appreciation of human existence. As Christians, realizing that we are ‘fearfully’ made by God fosters respect and love among each other, shaping our conduct and attitude towards ourselves and others as splendid creations of God. So, the next time you stumble upon ‘fearfully’ in your bible study, remember, it’s a call for reverence and a reminder of your unique and special existence.


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